Friday, September 16, 2016

Weave New Technology into Clinical Development

"One of the things I'm most excited about is the use of technology. The thing I am also most concerned about, is the use of technology."

Cathy Dawson, Director of Clinical Affairs at Aesclup sat down with the Partnerships in Clinical Trials team for this exclusive interview. Watch the interview above as Cathy discusses; driving collaboration, clinical quality systems, building an internal clinical quality system compliant with FDA regulations, clinical trials for medical devices, clinical trial data, and eClinical technologies.

In this interview, Cathy explores what drives collaboration through a CRO partnership. She say's, "When I think about driving collaboration through the CRO partnership, I am thinking about my end customer; not just the surgeon, the hospital, or the study nurse - I'm also thinking about the patient. So when I'm thinking about partnering with a CRO and driving collaboration, its with those folks in mind.".  She continues on to talk about how it is imperative there is a 'value add' for all parties involved in the process, closing out by saying, "Who is the end user? Who is our customer? and it's not just me as the Sponsor/industry; it's the caregiver and it's the patient ultimately."

Check out the complete interview now to hear all of the insight Cathy has to offer on these exciting topics.

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