Friday, October 14, 2016

What is a project leader’s real source of authority? Interview with consultant John Faulkes

As CEO of PPMLD, John Faulkes spends his days helping life science projects work more efficiently through collaboration. We sat down with him to ask what good project management looks like in a sponsor/CRO partnership.

For John, the key to building the perfect team is all about developing the members of that team; ‘Great teams have lots of features, but two in particular are: every player works towards a common goal, and there is a level of trust in the team.’

He explains that ‘Team members need to be developed so they can give quality input into the system and the project manager can trust it and not bore down into the details. The project manager can then stick to the leadership issues.’

If this can be achieved, ‘the long term aim should be to generate in the extended team a “one team atmosphere”. It may be possible, it may not be possible and if it is, it does take a long time.’

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