Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The 10 most popular posts of 2016

Throughout 2016 we covered all the hottest topics that impacted clinical trials during the year, from patient-centricity to wearables, and strategic partnerships to regulatory changes. Here we have gathered together the ten most popular posts we published last year.

1) Whitepaper: Are strategic partnerships in clinical trials living up to what they promised?
The most popular post of the year was our in-depth whitepaper exploring how and why strategic partnerships are developing in the 21st century, as well as the reasons behind current trends, the pros and cons of partnerships, and the impact of partnerships on drug development.

2) The 8 biggest challenges facing clinical trial professionals
Based on interviews we did with dozens of clinical professionals, we gathered together a report on the biggest challenges you faced last year.
3) Whitepaper: The impact of Brexit on clinical trials in the UK
Six weeks on from the EU referendum result in Britain, we asked leading industry figures to assess the situation and suggest the best way forwards with regulations, movement of staff and new international partnerships.

4) How mHealth, wearables and the Internet of Things will create the clinical trials of the future
IoT is playing an increasingly important role in clinical trials as wearables help clinicians gather data and improve the experience for patients. Here we took an overview of the applications, benefits and challenges of mHealth.

5) Whitepaper: Is patient-centricity truly at the core of clinical trials?
Recruitment and retention of study subjects in clinical research is at an all-time low; the average retention rate in 2013 was 33% which is a 56% drop from 2003 levels. This whitepaper looked at the many ways in which clinical research can be made more patient-friendly to enhance recruitment and retention, including wearable technology, social media, novel trial designs, data management, support groups and sensitivity to minorities.

6) The past, present & future of wearable technology in clinical research
Another popular post on wearables shows how much of a hot topic the impact of technology was in 2016. Here we explored the birth and future of wearables in clinical trials.

7) 7 Predictions for the future of clinical trials
The future of clinical trials is clearly something at the front of many clinical professionals’ minds. Here industry leaders gave their predictions for the next two to three years, from standardized processes to Risk Based Monitoring.

8) ‘Too much weight placed on FDA approval of wearables,’ says UK health research expert
The third piece on wearables in our 2016 top ten, here we looked at the regulations behind the introduction of technology in trials as well as the questions around legality, privacy and accuracy. Matthew Simmons, Head of the Drug Development Unit at the Sarah Cannon Research Institute, weighed in.

9) Third-party vendor oversight – how much should sponsors delegate to CROs?
With many CROs outsourcing certain parts of trials to third-party vendors or sub-contractors, who is responsible for ensuring that Good Clinical Practices are adhered to is a hotly-debated issue. In this piece we look at oversight, the importance of metrics and empowering CROs.

10) Is commercial research worth it for the sites?
Much of the conversation around partnerships and collaborations in clinical trials revolves around improving the relationship between sponsors, CROs and external vendors, but many think that the way all these groups work with study sites needs an urgent, industry-wide rethink.

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