Friday, March 3, 2017

Clinical Trials of the Future: The Impacts of mHealth & Big Data

ClinTech Month

Few disagree that technology will have a profound impact on the clinical trials of the future. However, which aspects of technology will play the biggest role and how best to integrate them is still very much up for debate. We asked three industry leaders about the technologies they are most excited by and the benefits they hope they'll bring.

Anna Matranga, MD at AMC Alliances & Consulting, admits that currently 'we're not very good at adopting technology and supporting that technology', and she hopes that as we move forward, the human-to-human relationship is not forgotten.

KCR CEO Mike Jagielski offers a CRO perspective and is most excited by partnerships and mergers that are 'combining healthcare data more thoroughly with the service industry in the clinical research execution space'.

Oliver Timmis, AKU Society CEO, sees a 'greater reliance on real world data instead of doing a Phase III or IV trials' as solving one of the biggest problems in rare disease research; unreliable access to treatment.

Watch the full interviews in the video above or here.

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